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Powering Mortgages


Real-time data straight from a client's bank account. Tailor-made statements designed for Mortgage Brokers, Lenders & Conveyancers

Bank Coverage
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Plus 65 more


Clear, easy to understand statements that reveal what you need to know in seconds


No more waiting or chasing missing documents. Get access to your client’s digital statements instantly

Reduced Risk

Protect against statement tampering with secure, data directly from their bank

View dashboard

Customise your dashboard and see the key information that matters to you.

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One Click Statements

Income Statement

Instantly verify your clients salary or benefits income with secure, real-time data directly from their bank account

Bank/Saving Statement

Download bank or savings statements at the click of a button. Choose how many months you want

Mortgage/Rent Statement

See when mortgage or rent payments were made. No waiting for a rent reference or mortgage statement

Outgoings Statement

Customise a report that highlights all the outgoings you are interested in highlighting


Deposit Statement

Evidence account balance and source of Funds without all the back and forth.

DMP/IVA Statement

Lend to customers with an IVA or DMP? Check it has been paid on time and has been conducted satisfactorily 

Cutting app processing time from weeks to minutes

  • Save weeks waiting for them to obtain traditional statements

  • Reduce time chasing missing information or out-of-date documents

  • Stop looking at photographs of key documents or poor quality copies

  • Simple and easy-to-understand reports. No change in IT or underwriting needed

  • Bank level security

  • See the data that is important to you

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