The UK 1st 
Mortgage Eligibility Check 
designed for 
complex credit customers

Someone looking for a mortgage has to search through many different products. Choice is typically a good thing. But there is no easy way for a consumer to identify, at an early stage, those products for which they qualify. This uncertainty significantly limits a consumer’s ability to shop around and (to a lesser extent) inhibits intermediaries’ ability to find the cheapest suitable mortgage.  

FCA Mortgage Market Study interim report May 2018

Mortgage Eligibility Check

Calculates which mortgages a consumer is likely to get before they apply

Eligibility calculated with near Decision in Principle accuracy 

No impact on the credit score

Check eligibility with top lenders in real time, with no need to re-key

Search multiple times for the same client, up to 28 days later with no additional charge.

Avoids the need for multiple (and sometimes unsuccessful) full credit applications.

Designed for consumers who have had a credit blip in the past

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